Customization & Branding

Pre-Built Themes

Save time with our pre-built themes that you can simply drop in and go, or use them as a starting point and tweak to your heart's content to create your own custom themes.

Custom Theme Editor

Design a custom theme in minutes, and make your app look completely unique. Your custom themes are saved, so you can apply them later, even to new apps in your account.

Color Persistence

Theme colors persist across your entire app, so keeping things consistent is a breeze. Change your theme after your app is done, and all of your screens update automatically.

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Screens & Navigation

100% Modular

Stackable modules simplify the process of creating your app. They're also reorderable and customizable, so building and maintaining your app screens is a snap.

Designed Responsively

Glyph Mobile's intelligent framework handles the display of your app screens and assets across all mobile devices, while ensuring the readability and accessibility of your content.

View Progress in Real-Time

We provide multiple ways to conventiently navigate your app while in development. You can also preview your app at any time, within the Manager, or on your mobile devices.


App Content

Manage Your Content

Upload, organize, and even create custom assets right within the Manager. This allows you to plug your content into your app and keep it all up to date, easily and efficiently.

Asset Storage

Store your online and offline content in our web-based Asset Library and never worry about having what you need. Develop your app from anywhere, at any time.

Social Media Connections

Supply all of your social media connections in one place, and have access to them throughout Glyph Mobile's social media focused modules and assets.